Interview Recording
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Komcept Solutions Ltd. is a proud partner of One Digital Ltd., through which we can offer interview recording solutions.

One Digital is a new collaboration, joining together the innovation and design expertise of Komcept Solutions and other like-minded companies and individuals, to provide a single source for all your interview recording and transcription requirements.

One Digital AIR

Offering standalone digital audio recorders, as well as a fully networkable system that can interface with your existing technical infrastructure, One Digital can equip your organisation with a structured method of entering necessary data and recording an interview; either onto digital media (CD or DVD), directly to a remote server, or both.
When storing data on a server, both the details of the interview and the recording itself can be accessed remotely by authorised personnel, reducing the need for physical storage space, as well as reducing the time that would be taken to transport hard copies around the country.

To find out more about One Digital's products and policies, please visit their website at: