Covert Surveillance

Komcept Solutions develops unique products for the covert surveillance world, each one stemming from a real-world requirement.

If you have a device in mind that you need to become a reality, please talk to us about a custom design.

Current Products

OC07 [Radio Microphone]

The OC07 is a digitally scrambled radio microphone. The coin-sized transmitter can be controlled remotely from a pocket-sized receiver, allowing the monitoring of battery life, switching frequencies and powering on/off of multiple transmitters from a single receiving unit.

This British product is available usually from stock in the UK, or with short lead-time.

Download data sheet as a PDF.
DM-144 [Directional Microphone Array]

The DM-144 is a highly efficient directional microphone array that utilises a DSP to provide state-of-the-art performance and comes built into a laptop-style bag for concealment.
Audio output is sent to a handheld PC via WiFi for live monitoring and recording, which also offers control and steering of the array from the handheld device, giving it a discreet appearance in modern high-tech society. The device picks up consistently over 50m, even with loud off-axis sounds.

This British built product is available with short lead-time.

Download data sheet as a PDF.

GPAR [Audio Recorder]

The GPAR is a small general purpose digital audio recorder offering the ultimate in audio quality with ultra-low-power. Storing 3 hours of CD-quality stereo 44.1kHz audio on an MMC card, or 12 hours of 22kHz mono audio, the unit can accept a stereo or mono microphone source. Supplied boxed (53mm x 59mm x 10.5mm) or as board-only for integration into other enclosures and concealments, its wide range of applications include vehicle-fits, body-worn surveillance, and storage for radio microphones in the field. This British product is available from stock in the UK.

Download data sheet as a PDF.